Shelter from the storm

Fishing boats line the harbour ''w124604b
Fishing boats line the harbour ''w124604b

WHILE wintry storms caused rough seas to batter the east coast, Whitby skippers used the harbour to shelter from the elements.

However, the recent stormy weather has meant a premature end to Whitby fish market’s busy season, according to Darren Butcher, auctioneer at Whitby Fish Sales.

With the main fishing grounds located just off Hartlepool for the last few months, with fish slowly heading in Whitby’s direction.

Coupled with regular Whitby skippers, this allowed Scarborough trawlers to visit Whitby to sell their catch, instead of steaming the additional distance back to Scarborough.

“Due to the weather they haven’t been able to get off, or they haven’t been able to get to the fishing grounds where they want to be,” he said.

As Christmas approaches, the price of fish plummets as consumers favour traditional Christmas fare.

Any fish that is on offer from next week will likely be frozen and stored until after the Christmas season, and so traders expect to pay a reduced sum for the catch.

So with better weather throughout the earlier portion of this week, Whitby’s skippers scrambled out of the harbour to get a final week of decent prices before the end of the year.

Darren added: “Prices drop like a stone next week because of Christmas.

“So the day boats are off now, but the weather’s expected to be really bad on Friday.

“Hopefully they’ll get a few days good fishing before the weather turns bad again. But it’s just one of those things.

“The fish market had a good autumn with “a couple of big hitters” regularly visiting the port throughout October.

“Then November brought visiting vessels Gratitude, Sparkling Waters and Avocet, as well as regular skippers Carousel, Whitby Rose and Progress.

“Now we’ve just got to go month by month,” added Darren.