Seal of approval for Grosmont PO

Residents have spoken of their relief after learning the future of Grosmont Post Office has been secured.

They were both shocked and delighted to hear a new sub-postmaster will be appointed when the current one, Dave Templeman, retires and that the opening hours of the branch will not be affected and will stay the same.

The welcome news comes after customers, local residents and other businesses submitted petitions and letters in objection to suggestions that when Mr Templeman left his post the post office, situated within the Co-op store, would be open for just a few hours per week.

But he was told this week a new postmaster is being sought and that the opening hours of Monday to Friday, 9am to midday will also be kept.

Customer Tamsyn Naylor told the Whitby Gazette it was “a very happy outcome”.

The fear over the future started a few weeks ago when a couple of members of the Co-op committee met with a Post Office boss from Leeds who was vague about the future and hinted that at best it would be open two days a week for two hours at a time.

This revelation came months after Mr Templeman announced his retirement and a letter from head office just last month confirmed Grosmont was a viable branch and would carry on with business as normal.

Ms Naylor added: “Obviously this was not a satisfactory prospect as it would mean we would lose our sub-postmaster and probably eventually the branch.

“A petition was launched within the village and letters of support were requested.

“Many letters and over 10 pages of names signed up their support within a fortnight of concerns being raised.

“The Co-op committee sent a strong letter along with the supporting ones to the head office asking them to take urgent steps to protect the branch.

“All post offices are based on the number of transactions made there, irrespective of whether you pay in a large amount of money or buy a stamp, it all counts as one.

“This is an interesting fact to bear in mind for all rural post offices I think.

“Hopefully one thing which may now come out of all this is that we should advertise what services the post office does provide, many people would not think to withdraw money, pay bills or exchange travel money for instance.”

She added that since the Egton branch closed, the Co-op at Grosmont – which is the only independent one of its kind in the country – had increased custom and should that lose services there would be a knock-on effect for its viability.