Ruswarp Primestock Market Report

Monday 28 February

Forward: 81 cattle including 6 bulls and 47 OTM’s, 540 sheep including 62 ewes.

Hoggs topped £2 per kilo with the majority averaging 185 to 188p/kg with an increased number of ewes on the week also proving very dear rising to £98.50.

Demand is still very high for cull cows and OTM’s which seem to get dearer. The top 14 B&W cows averaged 144p/kg and the top 9 suckler cows 121.5p/kg.

Clean cattle maintained recent rates whilst some excellent quality suckler bulls from JR Cussons, Fylingdales reached 194.5p/kg selling to Peter Halder of Staintondale.

Cattle: steers, medium to 157.5p average 152.5p, heavy to 165.5p average 154.2p, B&W to 137.5p average 129p; heifers, medium to 136.5p average 132.8p, heavy to 163.5p average 153.8p; bulls, medium to 185.5p average 185p, heavy to 194.5p average 185p, B&W to 127.5p average 127p; OTM cows, beef cows, grade 1 to 128.5p average 121.5p, grade 2 to 107.5p average 100.8p, grade 3 to 89.5p; dairy cows grade 1 to 120.5p average 114p, grade 2 to 100.5p average 97.8p, grade 3 to 85.5p average 75p; overage steers to 135.5p average 126.6p, overage heifers to 129.5p average 119p; stock bulls to 129.5p.

Hoggs: light to £58.50 (188.7p), standard to £74.50 (193.5p) average 184.4p, medium to £84 (204.5p) average 188p, heavy to £92 (190.5p) average 175p, overweights £98.50 (182.4p) average 163.4p.

Ewes: Texel to £92, Mule to £98, Scot to £57, Swale to £58, Stock Tups to £85.

Top prices: bulls: JR Cussons & Son, Fylingdales 194.5p/kg to P Halder, Staintondale; steers: IW Forser, Littlebeck 165.5p/kg to Woolley Bros, Sheffield; heifers, GT Nicholson, Hutton Mulgrave 163.5p/kg to Cleveland Meats, Stockton; beef cows, R Mortimer, Glaisdale 128.5p/kg to Dawn Meats, Carnaby; dairy cows, LJ&ME Brown, Ugthorpe 120.5p/kg to Woolley Bros, Sheffield; hoggs per kg, J Nappy, East Barnby 204.5p/kg to Yorkshire Country Meats, Busby; per head, JP Murray, Westerdale £98.50 to Yorkshire Country Meats, Busby; ewes, M&J Ward & Daughters, Harwood Dale £98 to D Wilson, Slingsby.