Ruswarp Primestock Market Report

Monday 31 January

Forward: 54 cattle including 3 bulls and 41 OTM’s, 303 sheep including 51 ewes.

A small entry of clean cattle saw an improved trade. The 41 OTM’s again met strong demand with the best Black and Whites over 100p and beef cows up to 118p.

Fewer lambs were forward as compared to last week, however those which did met a significantly improved trade averaging 170p/kg and rising to £81 and 191p/kg.

Demand for ewes was very strong with meatiest types to £78.

All classes of cattle were good to sell with strong demand across the board for cows.

Cattle: steers, heavy to 168.5p average 158.3p, B&W to 120.5p average 119.5p. Heifers: heavy to 156.5p average 149.2p.

Bulls: heavy to 143.5p, B&W to 130.5p, average 128.5p.

OTM cows: beef cows, grade 1 to 118.5p, average 111.9p, grade 2 to 89.5p average 89p; dairy cows grade 1 to 106.5p average 99.4p, grade 2 to 92.5p average 83.5p, grade 3 to 69.5p average 67.5p, stock bulls to 114.5p.

Hoggs: standard to £53.50 (172.6p) average 169.5p, medium to £74.50 (191p) average 169.3p, heavy to £79.50 (190.4p) average 179.2p, overweights £81 (170p) average 164.3p.

Ewes: Suffolks to £78, Texel to £78, Char to £62, Mule to £67, Masham to £70, Swale to £43, Stock Tups to £75.

Top prices: bulls, H Ventress & Part, Littlebeck 143.5p/kg to Cleveland meat, Stockton; steers, IW Forster, Sneaton 168.5p/kg to M Douglas, Marishes; hfrs, W Welford, Roxby 156.5p/kg to Wooley Bros, Sheffield; beef cows, H Ventress & Part, Littlebeck 118.5p/kg to D Barker, Staxton; dairy cows: JB Abel, Scaling 106.5p/kg to D Barker, Staxton; hoggs, per Kg: A Williamson, Robin Hoods Bay 191p/kg to Yorkshire Country Meats, Busby; per head, C&AE Hodgson, Hutton Mulgrave £81 to Yorkshire Country Meats, Busby; ewes, AR&KL Clay, Hutton Mulgrave £78 to C Barker, Brompton.