Ruswarp Primestock Market

Ruswarp Market
Ruswarp Market

Monday 21 March

Forward: 512 sheep including 107 ewes.

Once again over 500 sheep were dear. The price of hoggs was up on the week with the averages for standards 208p/kg and mediums 216.5. These values also include horned lambs and mule/masham’s.

Swale lambs at best were near £80 for the best.

Ewes also maintained recent very dear rates with the best being close to £100.

Hoggs: light to £58 (201.9p) average 188.8p, standard to £91 (233.3p) average 207.9p, medium to £101.50 (238.8p) average 216.4p, heavy to £107 (227.7p) average 194.2p, overweights to £111 (195.6p) average 181.2p.

Ewes: Suff to £75, Tex to £96, Char to £70, Mule to £96, Mas to £76, Sw to £64, Stock Tup to £80.

Hoggs per kg: J Nappy, East Barnby, 238.8p/kg to B Glaves, Brompton; hoggs per head, EP&A Richardson, Langdale £111.50 to Yorks Country Meats, Busby; ewes: DM&JG Welford, Dale Houses £96 to C Barker, Brompton.