Ruswarp Primestock Market

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Monday 14 March

Forward: 90 cattle including 9 bulls and 48 OTM’s, 619 sheep including 71 ewes.

A good show of 620 sheep met a very strong trade with best lambs making 228p/kg with medium and heavy weight lambs averaging 208 and 201p/kg respectively.

The quality of ewes on offer was particularly good with these reaching £98 per head

Farm assured cattle and best bulls were a very good trade whilst non farm assured and second quality cattle were more difficult to sell.

Well fleshed black and whites and good quality beef cows were extremely dear.

Cattle: steers, medium to 125.5p, heavy to 165.5p average 148.2p, B&W to 136.5p average 128.3p; heifers, heavy to 157.5p average 140.3p, B&W to 126.5p average 126.2p; bulls, medium to 184.5p average 179p, heavy to 179.5p average 158.7p, B&W to 125.5p; OTM cows, beef cows, grade 1 to 157.5p average 125.8p, grade 2 to 99.5p average 96.5p; dairy cows grade 1 to 118.5p average 113.8p, grade 2 to 100.5p average 95.7p, grade 3 to 87.5p average 79.5p, overage Steers to 132.5p average 123.5p.

Hoggs: light to £54 (173.1p), standard to £85 (217.9p) average 191.1p, medium to £97 (227.9p) average 208.4p, heavy to £107 (215.7p) average 200.4p, overweights £109.50 (191.5p) average 178.4p.

Ewes: Suff to £91, Texel to £98, Char to £82, Chev to £72, Mule to £79, Swale to £47, stock tups to £90.

Top prices: bulls, JR Cussons & Son, Fylingdales 184.5p/kg to P Halder, Staintondale; steers, R Bown, Fylingthorpe 165.5p/kg to P Halder, Staintondale; heifers, C&A Hodgson, Hutton Mulgrave 157.5p/kg to Cleveland Meats, Stockton; beef cows, PM&FM Hill, Ugthorpe 157.5p/kg to Cleveland Meats, Stockton; dairy cows, SJ Welford Egton Bridge 118.5p/kg to Dwn Meats, Carnaby, JB Able, Scaling 118.5p/kg to Dwn Meats, Carnaby; hoggs per kg: P Gaines, Hutton Mulgrave 227.9p/kg to Kepak, Wakefield; hoggs per head: JR Cussons & Son, £105.50 to Yorkshire Country Meats, Busby; ewes, M&J Ward & Daughters, Harwood Dale £98 to C Barker, Brompton.