Ruswarp Primestock Market

Monday 14 February

Forward: 76 cattle including 7 bulls and 52 OTM’s, 667 sheep including 116 ewes.

Clean cattle and Friesan bulls maintained prices seen over the last few weeks. A good entry of 52 OTM’s were dearer than ever, with beef cows rising to 159.5p, and the top 13 dairy cows averaging 106.9p.

A better entry of 667 sheep saw the dearest hogg trade for many years. Several pens making £100 or more with standard weights averaging 185p/kg. Ewes maintained recent levels with the best finished making £75 - £85.

Cattle: steers, heavy to 159.5p average 154.9p; B&W to 131.5p average 125.5p; heifers, heavy to 155.5p average 150.8p, B&W to 129.5p average 128.5p; bulls, heavy to 152.5p, B&W to 129.5p average 121.5p; OTM cows, beef cows, grade 1 to 159.5p average 139.8p, grade 2 to 105.5p average 98.5p, dairy cows grade 1 to 114.5p average 106.9p, grade 2 to 98.5p average 89.9p, grade 3 to 77.5p average 69.1p, overage steers to 120.5p average 117.5p.

Hoggs: light to £51 (165.6p) average 165.6p, standard to £76.50 (196.2p) average 171.5p, medium to £87 (204.8p) average 185.2p, heavy to £92.50 (193.3p) average 179.8p, overweights £103 (187.3p) average 180.5p. Ewes: Suffolks to £74, Texel to £79, Char to £83, Mule to £85, Scot to £69, Swale to £56, Stock Tups to £65.

Top prices: bulls: H Ventress & Part, Littlebeck 152.5p/kg to P Halder, Staintondale; steers: N Cass & Son, Hawsker 159.5p/kg to P Halder, Staintondale; heifers: N Cass & Son, Hawsker 155.5p/kg to P Halder, Staintondale; beef cows: JC&P Harrison, Fryup 159.5p/kg to Cleveland Meats, Stockton; dairy cows: IW Mudd, Pickering 114.5p/kg to Woolley Bros, Sheffield; hoggs: RA Thompson, Westerdale 204.8p/kg to B Glaves, Brompton; per head: JR Cussons & son, Fylingdales £103 to Yorkshire Country Meats, Busby; ewes: TR Lawn, Littlebeck £85 to C Barker, Brompton.