Ruswarp Primestock Market

Monday 17 January

Forward: 115 cattle including 3 bulls and 88 OTM’s, 634 sheep including 147 ewes.

634 sheep were delivered on Monday which befell a fine trade. Quality was good with more weightier sorts realising to £91.50 per head with mediums to 197.5p/kg. Standard and medium weights averaged 186p/kg.

Ewes were also plentiful with the best to £85.50.

Cattle: steers, heavy to 173.5p average 148.8p, B&W to 136.5p average 128.8p; heifers, heavy to 173.5p average 148.8p; bulls, B&W to 134.5p average 125.2p;

OTM cows, beef cows, grade 1 to 114.5p average 107.9p, grade 2 to 97.5p average 89.5p, grade 3 to 79.5p average 68.8p; dairy cows grade 1 to 109.5p average 95.4p, grade 2 to 88.5p average 81.9p, grade 3 to 69.5p average 65.4p; overage heifers to 116.5p average 115.5p, stock bulls to 117.5p average 106.5p.

Hoggs: standard to £77 (197.4p) average 186.3p, medium to £81.20 (197.5p) average 186p, heavy to £86.50 (187p) average 175.7p, overweights £91.50 (166.4p) average 165p.

Ewes: Suffolks to £85.50, Texel to £73.50, Mule to £72.50, Scott to £53.00, Swale to £52.00.

Top prices: bulls, MA&ML Parker, Sneaton 134.5p/kg to Cleveland meat, Stockton; steers, JL Smith, Hawsker 167.5p/kg to Cleveland meat, Stockton; heifers, JL Smith, Hawsker 173.5p/kg to Wooley Bros, Sheffield; beef cows, JW Muir, Commondale 114.5p/kg to D Barker, Staxton; dairy cows, JW Hodgson, Dunsley 109.5p/kg to Wooley Bros, Sheffield; hoggs per kg: R Smith, Rosedale 197.5p/kg to Yorkshire Country Meats, Busby; hoggs per head, T Lawn, Littlebeck £91.50 A Traves, York; ewes, TJ Carr, Stanghow £85.50 to C Barker, Brompton.