Potash project strengthens technical team

THE COMPANY behind the planned mining project between Whitby and Scarborough have appointed a number of consultants to help develop their proposals.

York Potash limited have appointed dedicated pipeline experts Murphy Pipelines and Ercosplan, who will lead a detailed concept study.

Chris Fraser, managing director and CEO of Sirius Minerals, the company running the York Potash project, said: “These appointments are all about trying to move the technical work forward as quickly as possible so that we can ultimately talk in more detail to local people about what the project might look like and how it might work.

“We are totally committed to bringing these proposals forward in a sensitive and correct manner and believe that the skilled jobs and investment involved in the project could provide a lasting benefit to the local area.”

The concept study conducted by Ercosplan will help to establish further details of the project, such as how the mine could operate and the processes involved.

Ercosplan is one of the world’s leading potash geological and engineering consulting firms, with extensive expertise in the German potash industry.

Possible mine locations will be developed once the results of the exploration programme are better understood.

York Potash is also set to conduct further technical work on its proposals to transport the mined ore underground and as such has secured the services of Murphy Pipelines.

The firm has extensive experience in the construction of major pipeline systems around the world, but in particular in the UK.