Potash mine has ‘captured imagination’ of students

Whitby Community College students attend a potash meeting
Whitby Community College students attend a potash meeting

THE PROPOSED potash mine has “captured the imagination” of students, according to one Whitby head teacher.

Almost 900 students from Whitby Community College took part in an informative visit by a team from York Potash, the company that is proposing to build a new modern mine four kilometres south of Whitby.

Keith Prytherch, head teacher at Whitby Community College said: “The visit by York Potash to Whitby Community College was a great opportunity for our students to learn in more detail about what is going on in their local area and what potential avenues this could open for them. The project has captured the imaginations of many of our young people and they were keen to know which subjects they should be studying to put themselves in the best position to work in the mine or related businesses in the years to come.”

The students were shown a presentation and the opportunity to ask questions on the aims of the project, but also see the variety of employment opportunities available with over 1,000 direct jobs set to be created and with thousands more in the supply and support economies.

Matt Parsons, Education and Skills manager at York Potash added: “We really enjoyed going to Whitby Community College and it was extremely encouraging to see the level of interest the students had in what we are proposing. The students showed great interest in our undergraduate and apprenticeship programmes and we hope this has given them food for thought.”