Our Lass fetches top fish prices

Whitby Fishing School Our Lass II
Whitby Fishing School Our Lass II

FISHING vessels that chose to spend the New Year at sea managed to fetch top prices for their catch, and Whitby vessel Our Lass II was one of the first to return to port.

Only 11 boats braved the poor weather over the festive season and benefited from good whitefish prices on the first market of the year at Peterhead.

Fishing News correspondent David Linkie said: “All selections of whitefish landed at Peterhead for the first market of the year on 5 January attracted top prices from buyers eager for supplies, with the knowledge that supply levels would drop immediately after the opening sale as a result of most of the fleet still ashore due to continuing poor weather.”

Vessels that were at sea over the New Year sailed on 28 or 29 December, before 90-knot north-westerly gales stopped fishing for most from 2 January onwards.

However, the 11 vessels that were able to land fish at Peterhead brought 6,268 boxes to the opening market, where they were contested by eager buyers.