Net gains for fishing school

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WHITBY’S Fishing School has seen many changes in the 11 years it has been in business, the latest being a new venture into cyberspace.

Completed under sponsorship from Ammonite Web Design of Whitby, the website will now act as a first port of call for anyone interested in training at the school.

“The new website is wonderful,” said school chief executive Anne Hornigold.

“The site is very professionally produced and holds a wide variety of information regarding the sea fishing apprenticeship and other maritime training.

“We are delighted to have received this generous sponsorship and are sure that the support it brings will be invaluable.”

Over the years the school’s activities have grown to include sea fishing apprenticeships, safety training for new entrants to the industry, advanced and refresher training for existing fishermen, and latterly some specialist training for the wind farm industry.

Ammonite Web Design’s Adrian Booth said: “When we realised what the fishing school was doing, we were keen to see what we could do to help.

“The original website was in need of update and so it was obvious how we could support the school in its aims of training sea fishing apprentices and experienced fishermen with their essential safety training.

“The school trains persons from across the UK and has a national significance for the fishing industry.

“We were pleased to be of support to the school”.

The new web site offers the ability, for interested persons, to complete a simple form to register which type of training they would like.

The company then responds by email or telephone to these enquiries to ensure the customer’s requirements are met.

The web site can be found at