More beach huts as demand increases

Scenesetter of beach huts at Whitby''w121321
Scenesetter of beach huts at Whitby''w121321

THE NUMBER of beach huts in Whitby is going to be increased due to their growing popularity.

An extra 30 chalets will be bought and installed using £30,000 worth of funding from Scarborough Borough Council (SBC).

The extra provision was announced during a private meeting of senior councillors at Scarborough town hall last week.

SBC is ploughing in the money on an “invest to save basis” and there will also be CCTV cameras provided and 12 high spec chalets on the site known as the viewing area.

It was also revealed at that meeting that SBC will continue to manage the beach chalet provision, in both Whitby and Scarborough, in house despite putting the role out to tender.

Cabinet decided to reject the “best and final” offer after it didn’t meet the requirements of the authority.

After the meeting Coun David Jeffels, from the tourism and culture portfolio, told the Gazette: “The beach chalets at Whitby have been probably the most popular anywhere in the borough and are a real asset to Whitby’s holiday industry.

“We are looking to provide more because the demand is there which is very encouraging - all in all it will be of benefit to the council’s finances long term and the Whitby economy as well.”

Despite exploring the possibility of out-sourcing the running of beach huts to an outside company over several months SBC has opted to retain the service.

Coun Jeffels added: “It is fair to say that the council felt under the circumstances that it was better to keep them in house having gone out to tender.

“But we are looking to enhance them because the demand is there.

“I have had meetings in the last two to three weeks with Whitby Town Council and the tourism association and in the last week with the Civic Society.

“It is excellent to see that so many people care about Whitby as a town and its well being economically.

“I am taking forward the issues that have been raised with me. Whitby is showing all the signs of having a bumper season. I was there on Sunday and the town was full - it is fantastic.”