Miners’ ‘generous’ donation

THE company which is currently undertaking exploratory drilling around the Whitby area has made a “most generous” donation to a local agricultural show.

York Potash has given £500 to Eskdale-cum-Ugglebarnby’s Sleights Show as a way of apologising after work at the Ugglebarnby test rig site took longer then expected.

Speaking at the parish council meeting on Monday, chairman Barry Trueman said: “It’s a most generous donation from them, all because they overran the time they should have been there and want to apologise to the community.”

Drilling at York Potash’s second temporary exploration site near Ugglebarnby was recently completed, having delivered positive initial results.

Sirius chief executive Chris Fraser said: “The ongoing delays in coring the polyhalite have been very frustrating, but are unfortunately sometimes a feature of this type of drilling.

“We remain confident of successfully completing coring to the bottom of the polyhalite sequence and of delivering a positive result from this and future holes in the York Potash drilling programme.”

The group has said that delays are inevitable and work had taken longer than expected after a series of ‘fluid-loss-zones’ caused delays in the drilling and ultimately in extracting the mineral cores.

As a result, the company has since apologised for any inconvenience that the delay caused and has made a donation of £500 to the annual village show.

Gareth Edmunds of York Potash said: “We’re sure the donation will be put to good use at the annual village show.

“We were frustrated by the delays at the site wanted to do something to show our appreciation for the patience and support shown by the local parish council.

“As a business we want to be part of this community for years to come, so it’s great to be able to contribute positively where we can.”

With drilling work now complete and the mineral cores sent for detailed chemical analysis, the site will be returned to its original condition as an agricultural field.

The potash mine continues to be a hotly-debated topic among residents of Whitby and district.

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