Landowners’ invitation

A WHITBY firm has invited landowners to join a register in an attempt to get a better deal for those affected by the proposed mining project in the Fylingthorpe area.

The appeal has come just as mining company Sirius Minerals has announced it has increased the area of its onshore mineral rights as part of the York Potash project.

Richardson and Smith has been heavily involved in consultations over the project and intends to represent as many clients as possible in the ongoing negotiations with Sirius Minerals.

Richardson and Smith’s Ian Halley said: “The lease they have been offered at the moment doesn’t offer good enough terms so the register I have set up is going to get us better power at the negotiating table.

“We are entering into the final period of negotiations and York Potash has issued a draft option and lease agreement.

“I think a lot of the terms that were contained in that lease document could be greatly improved and therefore with enough body of local opinion behind me I’m hoping to be able to negotiate better terms.”

Many local farmers have already signed up to the register and Mr Halley is keen to encourage others to get in touch.

He added: “Landowners should ring me if they want a down-to-earth independent point of view and I will do my best to explain what’s being asked of them.”

Ian Halley can be contacted at Richardson and Smith by calling (01947) 602298 or emailing email@richardsonand

On Wednesday Sirius Minerals announced to the stock market it has increased the area of onshore mineral rights by an additional 13km², taking the total amount to approximately 621km².