Jet girl Amber polishes up nicely

Amber Dixon models with a Whitby Gazette''w124923a
Amber Dixon models with a Whitby Gazette''w124923a

A CHURCH Street jetworker is swapping her dad’s workshop for camera flashes by carving out a career as a topless model.

Amber Dixon (26) shares her time between the One O Five jet shop and photo shoots for magazines, where she has a growing fanbase.

Amber Dixon at work in the family jet shop, One O Five''w124923b

Amber Dixon at work in the family jet shop, One O Five''w124923b

She most recently won a Bedroom Babes competition in the national magazine Nuts, which was judged by the magazine’s readers, and said: “It’s brilliant and I’ve had all Whitby supporting me. It’s been really good and everyone is really nice.”

Away from her glamorous part-time career, Amber has worked for five years in her dad’s jet workshop.

Her dad, Kevin Dixon, is known to many in Whitby as the ‘jet barrowman’, who used to stand beside the Swing Bridge to sell his wares out of a wheelbarrow. He purchased his shop 10 years ago and believes himself to be the only Whitby-born jetworker remaining in Whitby.

However, he does not mind if his daughter chooses to pursue a different career path and said: “She’s old enough to make her own decisions. I’m proud of her, going out and doing what she wants to in life. If you’ve got it, flaunt it.”

For many people, posing topless in a magazine read by over 500,000 people each week would be a daunting prospect, but Amber said she had no fears about revealing all. She added: “It didn’t really bother me because on holiday lots of people go topless and I’m quite confident.

“So I just thought I’d give it a go.”

Nuts editor Dominic Smith, said Amber was a natural when it came to glamour modelling, and added: “Amber caught our eye when she sent her picture in to Nuts for our Bedroom Babes vote. So we included her in the competition and she romped to victory. And we were really pleased with her winning shoot, she’s got that ‘girl next door’ look that our readers love with a little bit of attitude thrown in for good measure.”

Amber started her career when she won a competition in the mens’ lifestyle magazine Zoo, and said that at first, friends and family were surprised by her career choice, but added: “When you are modelling you need a lot of support from your family because there are a lot of setbacks.

“Then, the first time I was in Zoo a lot of people said they couldn’t believe it.

“But now I guess they just expect it from me.”