I kid you not, spring brings goats and lambs to farms

Lambs in the late evening sun in Sleights''w141121d
Lambs in the late evening sun in Sleights''w141121d
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It has been one of those times where you thought it couldn’t get any wetter – but it did.

We did eventually get the cattle in to their winter quarters, warmer, dry and on to silage for the winter, but the sheep were out in the fields with their wool to keep them warm.

It was only the ground conditions that were proving to be challenging for them, splodging about looking for a dryer place to lay down.

So much so we lost a number of small lambs that thought the conditions were just too much for them, even though we had haylage in the field for them and were trough feeding them as well.

With lambing some half- bred ewes now along with the pedigree Suffolks and Bluefaces, we have got a number of lambs at the moment.

It’s another chore but we get them into the shed on an evening, to keep an eye on them and give assistance if needed.

We are pretty tired at the present time with checking on them at midnight and again at three o’clock and it is likely to persist for another six weeks til after the late ones get lambed as well.

But it has to be done, as it is all to easy to lose lambs at lambing time, you don’t get a lot of bids for dead lambs in the September sales.

The goats have started to have their kids too and 14 have landed this weekend.

The young Billy we purchased is certainly stamping his mark on them, but why they are all coming out very dark coloured I don’t know. He is a brown Toggenburg but the nannies have been white, light and dark brown but all the kids are coming out virtually black.

Just when we had plenty on feeding all the sheep and cattle, the half dozen dairy cows that were too far off calving at the sale are now coming up to calving with two having calved now.

One a second calver one of the milkiest heifers we had last year, but hadn’t got her back in calf, is now giving just short of eight gallons a day and that’s on ewe and lamb nuts as the dairy cake ran out last year.

But the pair of them do look well and hopefully going down to Ruswarp on March 19.

I’ll about have a tank full of milk by then; I don’t think they’ll be to keen on sending a tanker down for it though.