Have you seen the Lockeys Terrace rubbish dump?

Rubbish dumped at Corners Terrace
Rubbish dumped at Corners Terrace

FLY-TIPPING continues to be rife in the area around Church Street, despite promises to clean up the area from the company which runs the site.

When contacted by both the Gazette and Whitby councillor Dennis Collins, who first brought the issue to our attention, Yorkshire Coast Homes pledged to conduct regular visits to Lockeys Terrace, Corners Terrace and the surrounding area to ensure that any rubbish is cleaned up.

However, Coun Collins said that in the months since, no cleaning has taken place and the area continues to be a hazard for those who live in the area.

Coun Collins has taken hundreds of pictures where litter, including old furniture, matresses and bags of waste have been dumped in the area.

Now we’re asking for your help.

Have you seen instances of fly-tipping around Lockeys Terrace and Church Street?

What are your thoughts?

Or perhaps you have been dumping the rubbish because nowhere else has been provided to dump it?

Either way, get in touch by emailing karl.hansell@yrnltd.co.uk, call (01947) 829904 or comment on the story below.