Furniture makers produce unique Whitby Jet chessboard

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A HIDDEN gem of talented furniture-makers lies in Whitby Industrial Estate.

Mark Asplin Whiteley have been crafting high quality pieces of bespoke furniture for clients all over the world including royalty for the past 20 years, right here in the town.

And now they have taken inspiration from historic Whitby jet to create an intricate ivory, ebony and jet chessboard, one of only three in the world.

Company director Florian Krenn said: “There are two others in the world, one in a museum and one in America.

“I decided myself to use Whitby jet, and then made it. I was just finishing it and the client came round and snapped it up before it was even finished.”

The company, which employs 20 staff, works with a number of international interior designers and architects and are rumoured to have designed furniture for high-profile and celebrity clients including the Queen’s nephew Viscount Linley, a bespoke furniture maker and chairman of Christie’s UK, the international auction house.

Projects have had an international flavour lately.

Mark Asplin Whiteley’s Nik Conley said: “Recent projects include the production of two kitchens for the most prestigious penthouse in London and installation for projects based in Florida and Moscow.

“Clients can view examples of finished furniture in the showroom, view the workshop and the different types of luxurious woods used to create the furniture.”

One such luxurious wood favoured by the craftsmen is American walnut.

Mark Asplin Whiteley Ltd are currently seeking skilled cabinet makers in order to keep up with demand.

Mr Conley added: “Each maker must have a certain skill and attitude to become a successful cabinet maker and must have a drive to produce pieces of furniture of exacting standards and quality.”