Fivers at the ready for town’s traders

Jonathan Marsden with his fiver fest offer at the Chocolate box on Golden Lion Bank''w122212
Jonathan Marsden with his fiver fest offer at the Chocolate box on Golden Lion Bank''w122212

The first week of a project to boost the economy on Whitby’s high street by £3 million has got off to a good start.

Totally Locally Whitby, a scheme designed to promote the town’s independent traders, launched FiveFest last weekend - its first major event.

Its aim is to shout about Whitby’s unique character has been heightened following the effect that the new Sainsbury’s supermarket and chain pub JD Wetherspoon has had on local shops.

Research suggests if every adult in Whitby spent £5 per week in local businesses - from shops to pubs to cafes - the knock on effect would help sustain other tradespeople, generating £2.9 million for the local economy.

Around 60 businesses have come up with special deals, showing off their product and offering it for a fiver.

Examples include cake and coffee for two for a fiver, meat packs from the butcher, local seafood mix or even natural skincare products.

Co-ordinator Kate Longmate said: “The FiverFest has created great momentum online and around town, lots of people couldn’t believe how good the deals were and what a wide variety of shops were taking part.

“Some people have asked us how independent shops offering a discount will help their businesses. We hope that encouraging people into shops they perhaps haven’t visited for a while will remind them what is available in Whitby and that they will be inspired to shop in the town centre more in future.”

Cecily Fearnley, of skincare company Sweet Cecily, added: “Fiver fest has so far been a great success for us. Being situated up on the industrial park we are a bit out of the way, so this has been really good to let people know about what we’re doing, and we have launched a new range of miniature skin care products as our offering.”

Other businesses signing up this week include Becketts, Al’s Cafe, Station Inn, Seafarer, Judith’s Emporium and the Dispensary.