Firm’s new idea to boost fishing industry

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A STAITHES based seafood firm has come up with a clever new way of helping Whiby’s struggling fishing industry.

Whitby Seafish Limited is producing an email newsletter which alerts its customers about the fish available from the latest local catches.

Vicky Dixon, partner in the firm which supports the Gazette’s Fight For Our Fleet campaign which aims to bring realism back into the industry and secure the future of the town’s four remaining trawlers, said: “As members of the Responsible Fishing Scheme we’re trying to get people to eat local fish and a wide variety other than cod.

“People should ask if it’s Whitby fish when they buy it because they are often paying top prices under the impression the fish is local but it often isn’t.

“A lot of fish shops, pubs and restaurants are using frozen fish because it’s cheaper.

“We need to encourage fishing boats to come back to Whitby to revive our local fishing industry. Many of them are now fishing out of Scarborough and North Shields.

“But holiday makers and day trippers want to see the fishing boats here – they’re a tourist attraction.”

The extensive variety of fish that can be landed and available in Whitby includes pouting, ling, pollock, skate, turbot, whiting, and seabass.

Whitby Seafish Limited has been in Staithes for 20 years but was bought by Matthew Asquith eight years ago.

Last autumn the firm won an award in Yorkshire Life magazine’s best local food producer competition.

In addition to selling fresh fish, the firm has a smokehouse and among its products are kippers, smoked haddock and roast salmon. Orders are delivered throughout the area.

The firm can be contacted online or on (01947) 841236.