Farmer backs potash mine project

Tom Cummins is backing the plans for a new potash mine
Tom Cummins is backing the plans for a new potash mine
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A HAWSKER farmer has backed York Potash’s proposals for a new mine as he believes the mineral is vital to future of farming and will help safeguard UK food security.

Tom Cummins of Russell Hall Farm, near Hawsker, said that it is in the local and national interest to secure a long-term supply of potash, the main ingredient in fertiliser, because it is set to become even more important to agriculture across the world.

He said: “Because potash improves crop yields it is a globally sought after commodity and with unpredictable weather and the world’s population increasing year-on-year, it will be vital that the UK is not just reliant on potash imports.

“A new mine would provide UK arable farmers with a long-term supply of potash which we need to maximise our crops and ensure we can provide enough for UK food production.

“While the situation in the UK is currently OK, global supply and demand in the future could be very different.”

It is estimated that nearly a third of the 506,000 tonnes of potash used in the UK every year is currently imported.

In a survey conducted earlier this year by Farmers Weekly in partnership with York Potash, 91 per cent of UK farmers agreed that the UK should have its own supply of potash, with a third of farmers stating it is vital to UK agriculture.

Food security, the threat of inadequate or volatile global food supplies, is being widely reported by the international media because crops in the United States have been affected by the worst drought since 1956.