Egton doctors go back to the future with electronic care

A tiny GP pracitce in Egton that pioneered modern day NHS electronic patient records has gone back to the future - by installing the very latest computer system to manage the care of its patients.

Egton Surgery has begun using EMIS Web, the 21st century version of a clinical record system that was developed back in the 1980s by the practice’s then partners, Drs Peter Sowerby and David Stables.

Dr David Staples, now director of strategic development with the EMIS Group plc, said: “Egton led the revolution in primary healthcare IT, and not only for Esk valley residents, but the whole of the UK. It is fantastic to see the Egton surgery still in the vanguard of another revolution, 25 years on.”

They began writing their own computer software on the principe that the systems used by GP surgeries sould improve patient care.

That work evolved into Leeds-based company Egton Medical Information Systems, the UK’s leading supplier of GP software. It is used in over 5,000 surgeries and helps GPs diagnose, trat and monitor patients.

Partner Dr Julian Fester said: “As the practice tha pioneered modern day records, we were delighted to make the move to EMIS Web, which promises to keep the Egton Surgery abreast of modern technology. Some of our staff remember Dr Sowerby writing his original software so the transition to this latest system has been quite a journey.”