Dotty about all things vintage

Dotty about Vintage, Trudi Ward and Ellie''w120518
Dotty about Vintage, Trudi Ward and Ellie''w120518

AS a teenager when all Trudie Ward’s friends were in Topshop snapping up the latest fashions she was scouring charity shops and making cushions and bedding.

In the past she has been a project manager and a limo driver but now she has turned her love of vintage into a business, fulfilling a dream to have her own shop.

Last week she opened the doors to Dotty About Vintage which is crammed full of items of a bygone era from hairdryers to potato mashers to furniture.

Originally from Wakefield, Trudie moved to Staithes just before Christmas and took on the shop in Church Street.

She said: “I had enquired about the market but I have always had a dream that I would have my own shop.

“I hadn’t really planned it but walked past and there was a for let sign.

“The shop was quirky, a bit skewiff and I thought it would be perfect.”

And despite having only been open a week the word is spreading and people are bringing their own items they have dug out of the loft to her to sell.

She said: “I was talking to the business across the road and he said he had got some scales and telephones.

“If people want to bring stuff to sell that is great.

“It is only a little shop but I am on my own so it would make my life easier if they did.”

Other items once belonged to Trudie and for the rest she scours house clearances, charity shops, flea markets and car boot sales for those individual one-off pieces as well as making her own crafts and gifts such as bunting and decorative hearts.

She added: “I am a bit of a hoarder, but here I have an outlet to sell my stuff, otherwise I would end up surrounded by stuff and not be able to see half of it.

“There is nothing nicer than meeting like-minded people.

“All the time I get ‘my mam used to have one of these’ and it is lovely.

“I always say make your house a home, surround yourself with things that make you smile.

“I have so many things that may have only been a pound but it is memories, something that you just love.”