Don’t panic but is Dad’s Army Whitby-bound?

Actor Colin Bean as Pte Sponge in Dad's Army, flanked by John Le Mesurier (Sgt Wilson) and Arthur Lowe (Cpt Mainwaring)
Actor Colin Bean as Pte Sponge in Dad's Army, flanked by John Le Mesurier (Sgt Wilson) and Arthur Lowe (Cpt Mainwaring)

Whitby is one of the locations being considered for filming for the new adaptation based on the classic BBC sitcom Dad’s Army.

Location scouts have been up and down the Yorkshire coast talking to businesses and residents as part of the process of finding a setting for the High Street as the ficticious town of Walmington-on-Sea.

Bill Nighy in Whitby''w134910a

Bill Nighy in Whitby''w134910a

In the main the film is set to be shot further down the coast in Bridlington’s Old Town in November with a number of local businesses having the chance to have their properties showcased to a large audience.

Toby Jones and Bill Nighy, who was holidaying in Whitby earlier this year and posed for a picture for the Gazette on the pier, are set for the lead roles in the film with Jones taking Arthur Lowe’s role as Captain Mainwaring and Nighy as the dry Sergeant Wilson.

The original Dad’s Army TV show ran for nine series on the BBC between 1968 and 1977 and is classed as one of Britain’s classic sitcoms.

The show centres on a Home Guard unit of men too old or unsuited for combat duty during the second world war and was set up in the fictional south-coast English town of Walmington-on-Sea.

In addition to Whitby being looked at as a potential location and Bridlington being chosen as the main setting it is thought that film producers are also looking at Pickering.

A film spokesperson said: “Main Street in Bridlington’s Old Town is one of several places being considered as a filming location for the forthcoming film version of Dad’s Army.

“The film is at an early stage of planning and filming is expected to happen later in the year.

“One of the main attractions of Main Street is the relatively unspoilt nature of the street and the enthusiasm for the project.”

Mayor of Bridlington, Cllr Shelagh Finlay, said: “I am delighted that the film production team are considering Bridlington to do the filming.

“This will encourage tourism into the area to watch the filming and will enhance Bridlington’s profile which is fantastic.”

There was a film adaptation which was released in 1971 while the show was placed fourth in a BBC poll to find Britain’s best sitcom in 2004.

A final decision is expected in the next couple of weeks.