Decision due on future of Pavilion

A DECISION on the future running of Whitby pavilion is expected to be made within the next few weeks.

Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) has been considering applications from interested parties after it was announced that as part of efficiency and cost cutting measures some services were going to be outsourced.

Coun David Jeffels, SBC’s portfolio holder for Tourism and Culture, said there was no doubt money needed spending on it - prompting a backlash from local councillors.

He was giving an update at Whitby Town Council’s monthly meeting where he said the future of the venue on the West Cliff “will be revealed in due course”.

Coun Jeffels said: “We have had some interest from outside companies and I expect we will be making a decision on this within the next few weeks.

“The companies aspirations will be revealed in due course but the meetings we have had them, we have emphasised that Whitby’s Spa is very important as a place of entertainment for holiday-makers and the residents as well as a major social centre.

“Money needs spending on it, there is no doubt about that. I hope whoever takes it on board does recognise the value of the Spa.”

He conceded that while the roof had been repaired it was raised at Whitby and District Tourism Association’s annual meeting about the lack of signage for the venue and poor promotion of productions and events.

Town councillor John Dickinson said SBC should have maintained the Pavilion better over the last few weeks.

He said: “It has not been painted over the last ten years. In a way SBC are not taking responsibility in that area as they should have done and now they are going to hand it over to a private concern.

“It is not correct after Whitby have paid the rates.”

Coun Ken Graham said too much emphasis was being placed on tourism in the town while areas of town, namely the east side are being classed as deprived.

Coun Jeffels added that SBC did not have a strategic responsibility for tourism.