Crime novel set in Whitby with a Dracula twist

James Whitworth, author of Death's Disciple
James Whitworth, author of Death's Disciple

The body of the widowed matriarch of a Whitby family is discovered with a copy of Bram Stoker’s Dracula left next to her body.

This is the basis for a gripping story written by professional news cartoonist James Whitworth who has used the town as the setting for his first book Death’s Disciple.

The novel, which can be downloaded exclusively from Kindle, took James, who has been a frequent visitor to Whitby since he was a child, a year to write.

The 43-year-old from Sheffield who is also the news cartoonist for the Sheffield Star said: “I have really fallen in love with the place.

“It has a really unique atmosphere, it’s not like other holiday resorts.

“I wanted Whitby to be the main setting of the book, there are a lot of descriptions of places including the Whitby Gazette office and characters.

“It’s like a modern twist on a golden age, whodunnit.”

There is one obvious suspect - the woman who discovers the body however the detective leading the case is having a relationship with her and refuses to believe she could be guilty of such a terrible crime.

James is now busy writing a second book, also set in Whitby at Christmas, which will be out in November, with publisher Endeavour Press.