Councillor’s bid to protect donkey field one step further

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THE DONKEY field in Whitby looks set to be granted village green status.

No objections have been received in respect of the application made by Whitby town councillor Tom Brown.

He was spurred into action after the field was dug up in error by contractors laying sewerage pipes in 2010.

Member of the public, Nigel Ward gave an update on proceedings at the last meeting of Whitby Town Council in the absence of Coun Brown after helping him gather 40 signatures from people backing the application.

He said: “We thought it was worth starting the process because there has been much discussion about the loss of green space in the Whitby area and thought it would be useful to start proceedings.

“The objection period has concluded, there have been no objections. Very soon we will have the indication that we have achieved village green status for the field.

“I put it to the town council, we look at other areas of the town that would be susceptible to this approach.”