Council’s commute conundrum

A PARTNERSHIP may be struck between Sirius Minerals and North Yorkshire County Council to allow both organisations to share the park and ride scheme which has recently been approved for Whitby.

With 700 employees regularly using the mining site, the company has proposed a partnership which will allow them to shuttle employees as a group, rather than commuting alone.

Highways area manager Nick West said: “Our park and ride system will operate only during peak months, so it would be a car park with little use. This has all got to be looked at in detail, but from the county council’s viewpoint it makes complete sense.”

The current park and ride proposals allow for 450 spaces, a number that would need to be significantly increased if York Potash are to utilise the site.

Therefore, an adjacent field would need to be purchased and a new planning application submitted.

To access the B1416 site, contractors will also be instructed to use the A171, via the Mayfield Road junction and Hawsker.

This will almost double the journey, from 4.5 miles to 8.5 miles.

Highways area manager Nick West has said that there are many issues that need to be addressed. He added: “We will have to insist on various travel assessments. We’re under pressure from not putting extra traffic through Ruswarp but equally it’s not the best of routes, coming through Whitby town centre.”

Sirius Minerals are also looking into the possibility of providing transport for employees travelling from Robin Hood’s Bay and Scarborough.