Confusion still surrounds Sainsbury’s jobs

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CONFUSION still surrounds the application process for roles at Whitby’s new Sainsbury’s supermarket.

Last week the Gazette reported how Stuart Lillie from Castleton was told he couldn’t apply for a job at the store being built on the Stainsacre Industrial Estate, because he lived too far away.

A spokesperson for the supermarket said it had been an administration error but since then another job hunter has contacted the Gazette to say she too was rejected from the application process.

Karen Chandler lives in Loftus and said that when she attended the recruitment days in Whitby she said where she lived and was assured her address wasn’t a problem.

However, when it came to filling in the on-line application form she was unable to proceed because she was outside a designated radius, the extent of which Sainsbury’s this week was unable to confirm.

Several phone calls later to Whitby Job Centre and she was still none-the-wiser and even said she was told to put in the address of a friend or relative who lived in Whitby just to get through the application process.

35-year-old Karen told the Gazette: “The job centre said the recruiter probably didn’t know about it [the radius] but that is not a good enough answer, I was told by them I could apply.

“I rang the job centre again, they advised me to put a family member or friend’s address in, they said if you get offered the job tell them the truth but I would have lied and I assume I would be in trouble.”

Karen says she understands the need for local jobs but said the process discriminates candidates because of where they live.

She said: “I look for jobs as far as Whitby, Hawsker, Middlesbrough. I have a car and there are so many people looking for a job you need to go further afield and I am quite happy to do that but they won’t even let me put in an application form to see if I am interesting to them.

“They could say I am not what they want which is fine but not letting me fill out the application is unfair and discrimination.”

A spokesperson for Sainsbury’s said: “We would like to apologise to anyone who wasn’t able to apply for jobs in the new Whitby store due to technical glitches.

“The majority of these problems have been rectified and there are still plenty of opportunities available for local people to apply for jobs. We look forward to opening the store in August.”

However, while the spokesperson insisted Sainsbury’s wouldn’t advise using other people’s addresses, when asked by the Whitby Gazette what the geographical cut off point for applicants was, they were unable to say how close people had to live to the store to be eligible to apply for jobs.

No-one from Whitby Job Centre was available to comment.