Compensation claim for cut off customers

whitby powercut
whitby powercut

CUSTOMERS who were left without power for over 24 hours when wild storms battered Whitby could claim compensation from power companies.

This week Northern Powergrid apologised to customers who were left out in the cold and the dark last week when the snow and high winds brought down power cables.

Via the firm’s twitter account it said: “We would like to apologise to all our customers who were affected by the power cuts caused by the severe winter weather that hit the higher parts of our region on 3 April.

“Power was restored to the last group of customers affected by the storm over the Easter weekend.

“We would like to thank our customers for their patience while these critical and major repairs took place.

“Customers who were without electricity for over 24 hours should receive a letter this week detailing our compensation arrangements.”

While electricity was restored to most parts of Whitby on Wednesday morning and throughout the day, parts of the Esk Valley were more severely affected and residents had varied views.

Former local councillor Francesca Garforth (87) who lives in Westerdale lost her electricity supply for a total of 72 hours.

She said: “I was so angry not only about the loss of power but also about a lack of reliable information, especially about the time it would be restored.

“We were promised it would be back at 6pm on Thursday but it wasn’t.

“At one stage I heard a report on the radio that the power had been restored to everyone except a few isolated farms in the Westerdale area.

“But there are up to 200 people in Westerdale, many of them elderly and highly vulnerable.

“We were offered some curious help on the last day when a van from NEDL came round, a man and a woman got out and offered me sustenance in the form of stale crisps and luke warm pot noodles.

“I have coal fires so I sat up all night huddled over the fire because at may age I thought it could be dangerous for me to get cold and my house was very cold by then.”

“About two years ago the electricity lines and poles in the area were renewed so they should have put the lines underground then so we wouldn’t get any more of this trouble.”

But there was praise from Harry Graham who lives in Danby and is retired.

Mr Graham said: “I used to work in the industry and I thought the NEDL workers did a good job and made a sterling effort to get the power restored.

“But they should have a better public relations system so that the public can see what’s happening, maybe on television with maps so people could see where the problems were.”

Customers with queries can e-mail or call 0800 781 8848.