Company set to take over a third of Endeavour Wharf site

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Up to 400 jobs could be created in the port of Whitby with the development of a wind farm service centre.

Dalby Offshore Services, working in conjunction with the borough council, will be taking over a third of the Endeavour Wharf site in Whitby and be operational within a year.

The modern looking building, drawn up by Leeds-based architects Group Ginger, will be a hub for services needed to operate an offshore windfarm from storing toilet rolls and food to transferring staff.

It will also be a base for technical and engineering companies needed to maintain the turbines, such as scaffolding and other light engineering services.

There will also be office space included in the buildings and a public exhibition space where people can see what is happening out at sea via a video link.

Laurie Farmer for Dalby Offshore told the Gazette: “We are taking a third of Endeavour Wharf all together.

“The intention is to create an operational building to allow us to transfer goods and people for the offshore wind industry.

“We are expecting to be creating between 300 and 400 jobs for the borough - that will come in boats, activity out at sea but we also need people is support operations and services on-shore.”

Mr Farmer also revealed more about the operational logistics of the wind farm.

As there is no accommodation on the turbines themselves, personnel will be taken to and from the windfarm on a daily basis on vessels, between 15 and 30 metres in length, carrying up to 12 passengers at a time.

A mother ship will be sited at sea where workers might be based for two or three week stints.

Service vessels will also be used to transport groceries and goods to the turbines and ship which are stored at the new building in Whitby.

No planning permission is required for it as it is permitted harbourside development.

However, the council, Dalby Offshore and Group Ginger are taking their designs and ideas out to the public to get feedback.

A public consultation is being held at The Coliseum in Whitby tomorrow (Saturday September 5) between 11am and 3pm.

Architects, Group Ginger, are set to be giving a presentation on the building design at 11.30am and 2.30pm.