Budget –How will it hit you?

A Tory councillor has criticised the budget and has called for “the whole thing to be reviewed”.

Coun Joe Plant, who represents West Cliff ward on North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) and Scarborough Borough Council (SBC), told the Gazette it was his personal view that a lot more could be done – especially on fuel.

In his budget Chancellor George Osborne cut fuel duty by 1p per litre as of Wednesday night and postponed plans for a 5p increase yet road tax is set to go up for the everyday motorists.

Drivers in Whitby and the surrounding area have seen petrol prices creeping up with some garages charging £1.36 for a litre of un leaded and around £1.40 for diesel.

Coun Plant added: “When you look at fuel prices across the county, we are one of the dearest.

“I don’t think the system is fair.

“Yes, it is good to get 1p down but we could do a lot more.

“The whole thing should be reviewed and how the prices are affecting local people.”

Garages around the area believe the 1p cut won’t be of much benefit to motorists while businesses which rely on fuel say costs are still crippling them.

Paul Kilpatrick, chairman of Whitby Charter Skippers’ Association and skipper of the Sea Otter II, said it was costing them 74p for a litre of red diesel – a discounted fuel permitted for off road industrial and agricultural vehicles and machinery.

He said: “Fuel is crippling us, our costs are going up dramatically.

“The Government is hammering people with VAT and we have to worry about people travelling here.

“It is costing them a hell of a lot of money to get here and they have to pay for car parking.

“It is becoming very expensive and there is definitely a downturn in anglers.”

While the price of a pint stays the same a packet of cigarettes will cost more.

Council tax is frozen and there are discounts on inheritance tax and business tax while a government-backed shared equity scheme aims to help 10,000 first time buyers get on the property ladder.