Best foot forward for Regatta’s big fun run

Whitby Regatta 2013 - Sunday''Fun run begins''w133306a
Whitby Regatta 2013 - Sunday''Fun run begins''w133306a

Regatta organisers are looking for particpants to put their best foot forward and join a fun run.

The event was added to the Whitby Regatta line-up nine years ago as a way of increasing sporting events other than rowing over the weekend and it attracts a variety of entrants from families and children to club runners from the likes of Whitby and Loftus AC.

It is a two mile run - or jog - which starts on the West Cliff near Crescent Gardens and heads towards the whale bones, down Pavilion Drive, along the beach path to the ravine and then back again.

Usually around a hundred people take part in the run but numbers have been boosted over the last couple of years because of the interest in sport that has been generated by the 2012 Olympics.

Matt Hewison is a sports development officer for the borugh council but was asked to get involved with the Regatta by the committee.

He said: “The core activity is the rowing but the committee approached me to see if there was anything we could do to develop other sporting opportunities that people could have a go at.

“The fun run was the first thing that we did, now there is beach soccer on a Saturday and we are looking at developing more opportunities.

“Most people that did the first run werelocal families but now we get people from Australia, Hong Kong and German people were doing it last year. They are coming to the Regatta anyway and think we will do that as a family.

“There are lots of families but we get club runners who use it as a training run but for me it is the family focus.”

A small entry fee is paid by runners and the cash goes into the Regatta funding pot.

The two mile route has been planned so that most people can take part.

Matt added: “We chose this distance so it is not too far that people have to train for months and it makes it worthwhile. In terms of a route, it is nice to run on the sea front, it is a lovely view and most of it is flat apart from the hill coming back up which tends to catch people out.

“The Regatta is a real big weekend but good for Whitby and the fact that we can put a bit of sport in it makes an impact.

“We have the competitive element but people just do it to take part in an event and be part of something worthwhile.”

All proceeds go towards Regatta funds enabling the event to be staged again the following year.

This year’s Whitby Regtta takes place over the weekend of August 9, 10 and 11 and the fun run is held on the Sunday morning.

It starts at 10am and registrations on the day have to be completed before 9.30am.

For more details or to enter email Matt Hewison on

In the run up to this year’s Regatta the Whitby Gazette will also be publishing entry forms for the Fun Run for pre-registration to the race. Also, it’s time to nominate for Miss Regatta. Please use the entry form above right.