‘At Parkol, it’s done right’

Parkol feature
Parkol feature
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PARKOL Marine Engineering lowered a new wheelhouse onto the Bridlington-based vessel Budding Rose BF 156 last Friday.

It was the second wheelhouse installation that the Whitby workshop has completed in the last couple of weeks as the Whitby workshop continues to enjoy a purple patch.

Parkol feature

Parkol feature

Budding Rose skipper Peter Murray and Michael Barker, who both own a share in the vessel, were on site to watch a crane lift the 3.8 tonne wheelhouse into place.

Mr Barker explained why the vessel was brought to Parkol instead of other available boatyards.

“We like to give work to people locally,” he said.

“But the thing about Jim Morrison is he will bend over backwards for you.

Parkol feature

Parkol feature

“If it’s done at Parkol, it’s done right. They are not looking for shortcuts and that’s what you want, someone you can rely on a hundred per cent.”

Budding Rose’s old wooden wheelhouse was installed in 1974 and skipper Peter Murray said that it had run way past it’s sell-by date.

He added: “The other one was wooden, it leaked and the top of the wheelhouse windows were level with the equipment so we couldn’t see anything in front of us.”

The Hartlepool-based vessel Grenaa Star HL112 has also recently had a replacement wheelhouse installed.

Skipper Bob Trueman, has been bringing his boats to Parkol for 30 years and the workshop is fitting a modern wheelhouse to the 17.9m Danish-built wooden hulled trawler.

The skipper sourced the wheelhouse in Grenaa, Denmark, where it had been removed from a Swedish boat and will give the vessel a more streamlined profile in conjunction with a newly fabricated aft mast.

The wheelhouse is considerably shorter than Grenaa Star’s original wheelhouse, creating considerably more room around the trawler’s stern.

The Grenaa Star was built at Grenaa in Denmark in 1968 as a traditional anchor seine and was purchased by Mr Trueman in 1999.

Bark Endeavour passenger vessel is currently berthed at Parkol, undergoing its annual check-up, while the trawler Valhalla LK 687 will soon arrive Whitby in preparation for work to take place to extend the vessel using a method pioneered at Parkol on the Allegiance SH 90.