Anger rises over ‘rubbish tip’ flats

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A WHITBY councillor has called on a small group of residents to stop making the lives of their neighbours a misery.

The area of flats around Lockeys Terrace off Church Street has a courtyard area which is frequently filled with rubbish that has been fly-tipped.

Coun Dennis Collins said this is due to residents who live on the upper levels of the flats disposing of their rubbish by simply chucking it over their balconies.

He said: “It’s been going on for a year and residents keep pulling me up about it.

“The people that live around there are saying that it’s the people at the actual flats.

“They’re not coming down with their rubbish, they’re just throwing it over the side.

Residents have even attempted to clear the area themselves, but the rubbish is soon replaced and Coun Collins added: “It’s just an abortion up there.

All the residents and people complain that they shouldn’t have to live in those conditions.

“Underneath those blocks of flats there’s whole bins and even those are stacked up knee-high, they’re a disgrace.”

Coun Collins said he approached Yorkshire Coast Homes, which administers the flats, about the problem and encouraged them to contact residents to tell them to stop disposing of their rubbish like this, but “nothing gets done”.

He added: “Yorkshire Coast Homes have never spent a penny up there.

“You could have entered the gutters into Whitby in Bloom, it’s like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.”

A spokesperson for Yorkshire Coast Homes said that they are aware of the issue and are hoping to take steps to resolve the problems.

She said: “The area you refer to has always been a problem.

“As is often the case in these situations it is a minority of residents who are responsible and spoil it for the majority, with no-one being prepared to come forward to say who is responsible.

“Our staff conduct regular visits to this area and where there are instances of fly tipping arrange to have the area cleared promptly.

“As this is an ongoing problem YCH is pro-actively tackling, working in conjunction with Scarborough Borough Council to hopefully install CCTV so we can identify the perpetrators in an attempt to prevent the problem from continuing.”

Coun Collins added it is not just household waste that is causing the issue, but that the secluded area, just off churchyard, has become a spot for people to relieve themselves in the absence of public conveniences.

He said: “People go up the yard to do their business because there’s no toilets around.

“There’s not a toilet in Whitby with disabled access or that isn’t a disgrace.”