An old-fashioned paper round

Gary Summerson delivers another Gazette'Picture by Ceri Oakes
Gary Summerson delivers another Gazette'Picture by Ceri Oakes

IN THIS week’s Over the Counter we have something slightly different to offer, and so does today’s Gazette supplier.

As an alternative to leaving the house to retrieve your Gazette from the store, Whitby man Gary Summerson runs an old-fashioned paper round, and will deliver your news to your doorstep.

“I guarantee to be there early and at the moment II’m always finished by 8am”, said Mr Summerson.

“I currently deliver to Sleights, Stainsacre and Hawsker but I’d like to expand out and will deliver anywhere people want me to.”

Offering an old-fashioned way for people to be able to enjoy their Gazette over breakfast, without first having to get to the shop, Mr Summerson’s service also allows people, who may be unable to get to a store, get their fill of local news.

Mr Summerson added: “I guarantee to there early.

“It’s a new venture, a chance to work for myself, and it keeps me fit as well, it’s a good little job.

Deliveries can be made to both homes and businesses and a variety of publications can be be ordered, for delivery seven days a week.

For more information, prices, or to place your order, contact Gary Summerson on (01947) 829904.