Alcohol plan re-submitted

The new owners of a historic Whitby restaurant are re-submitting plans to serve alcohol to the general public after pulling the last one due to local objections.

Business partners Andrew Clews and Ed Hennessey went back to the drawing board after residents of the yard next door to the White Horse and Griffin and members of Whitby Town Council said they were concerned about noise and anti-social behaviour.

The new application is asking for permission to serve alcohol up until 10pm to non-guests and people who aren’t eating in the restuarant. Currently the license only allows alcohol to be served with food.

It also makes clear that the back room is the restaurant, and there are bedrooms and a function room upstairs.

Mr Clews said they had had time to evaluate the business and had spoken to residents to allay their concerns.

He said: “It is bolted down and all we are loking for is a license for this 15 metre squared part of the building. With the best will in the world I don’t think it will affect the overall ambience and atmosphere of Church Street.

“We have been here three months now and have done a number of things to improve the environment that were not being done previously. WE have had a look at the business and there are 20 jobs here - we need to be able to trade throughout the day.

“We are a restaurant with rooms and have guests here all day, lots of people walking past and we need an area for people to wait while their table becomes available.”

He added residents had been invited to the restaurant to be shown the plans and were “a lot happier with the application.”