Advice to get best out of milk prices

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Farmers producing milk are being urged to protect income levels this spring through strategic use of protected fats.

It is recommended they make sure butterfats stay above the milk buyer’s minimum and to take advantage of any premium for higher milk fat levels.

Andrew Howie, a nutritionist from Trident said: “With little positive news on milk prices, it’s vital that income from existing supply contracts is maximised this spring, Strategic use of 200-500g/cow/day of a high C-16 protected fat like Butterfat Extra will typically lift milk fat levels by 0.2-0.3 percentage points.

“When high intakes of lush grass reduce butterfat levels at turnout, that response could make a big difference to the milk price, particularly when close to or even below contract thresholds.”

For more information contact Trident direct on 01733 422214.