A new petrol station for Whitby?


SAINSBURY’S has revealed to the Whitby Gazette that a petrol station is part of its plans when it builds a new superstore in the town.

The retailer has bought the sites on the Cholmley Way section of Whitby Business Park which are adjacent to the location where a supermarket is set to be built later this year.

They are currently occupied by the glazing company Cowen Windows and a coal merchant who have agreed to relocate elsewhere within the town.

Sainsbury’s will be submitting planning applications to Scarborough Borough Council for the petrol station over coming weeks.

Construction of the supermarket is still set to start next month.

Access to the petrol station will be from Stainsacre Lane, which will be the main entrance to the superstore and additional car parking spaces are also going to be provided.

A spokesperson said Sainsbury’s had responded to requests by local residents who made clear during the public consultation that they wanted a petrol station.

Jo Hawley, regional development surveyor for Sainsbury’s added: “A Sainsbury’s petrol station was high on the wish list for local residents and we promised that we would look for a site in Whitby.

“I’m delighted to be able to announce that we have been able to keep our promise and we’ve found the ideal location for a petrol station, and that is next to the new store.”

Coun Sandra Turner who represents the east side of Whitby welcomed the news.

She told the Gazette: “It is welcome news and great to see that Sainsbury’s are on board for starting next month.

“It brings more jobs and the petrol station is an added bonus.

“It will make the east side more vibrant and I am totally supportive of that.”

Although Richard Cana was unavailable to comment, Cowen Windows manager Trevor Kipling said that the business would be relocating to another location just 500 metres away, on Enterprise Way.

Mr Kipling said: “The Cowens have owned this site since 1988, but Sainsbury’s had the opportunity to buy the land and so we’re moving on.

“We’re just relocating locally and we’ve had the new site for a couple of weeks.

“It’s convenient and open plan and no jobs will be at risk.”