Business bounces back

A BEAUTY salon in Whitby is back in business less than 48 hours after being damaged by a fire which lefts its immediate future in the balance.

Passers-by could only stand and watch on Monday afternoon and salon owner Kristy Renshaw was in tears as smoke puthered out of an air vent and the front doors of Kristy’s on Flowergate while two fire-crews tackled the blaze.

At first the damage looked so severe it was doubtful if and when the shop would re-open but Kristy her six staff members, plus family and friends worked around the clock on Tuesday to clean the shop up.

It had suffered smoke damage downstairs and water damage from where the fire brigade had doused the flames.

They had been alerted by one of Kristy’s regular customers who had been passing by and spotted the smoke. Fire crews then had to break into the shop which is closed on Mondays during the winter season.

But by Wednesday morning the shop was back in business and all treatments and appointments are taking place as planned.

Kristy, who has been in business for ten years, told the Gazette she feared the worst at first after getting a phone call telling her what had happened.

She said: “One of the girls phoned me and I was just in shock and came straight down. I did imagine the worst but later on the Monday we assessed the damage and knew what we needed to do on the Tuesday.

“Thanks to the fire brigade, amazing staff and family members we were able to start the clean-up operation and re-open on Wednesday. There is still some work to be done but we were determined not to let our clients down. It has been extremely upsetting but I’m glad to say it is business as usual.

“I have had lots of phone calls asking if we are ok and everyone on Flowergate has been really nice and a lot of the businesses offered to help with the clean-up.”

A fire spokesperson said fire-fighters wearing breathing apparatus tackled the fire which had started in the jacuzzi which is in one of the ground floor rooms.

Although it was contained to that room, smoke had spread and the property was ventilated using a specialist fan.

An investigation is being carried out to determine the exact cause of the fire.