Brainy sea creatures invade attraction

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SOME of the marine world’s most intelligent creatures are set to take centre stage at a visitor attraction a stone’s throw from Whitby this year.

Scarborough Sea Life Centre has announced a new £200,000 feature exhibition Octopus Garden starring half-a-dozen different species of octopus and their cuttlefish cousins.

Pride of place will be given to perhaps the brainiest of them all - the Giant Pacific Octopus, which weighs in at over 15 kgs and has an arm-span of over four metres.

Cuttlefish which can change colour to give itself the perfect camouflage against any background will be another in the line-up.

The specially designed display tanks which will house these and other species will be situated in an eerie underwater garden setting, with colours and weird shapes reminiscent of the psychedelic sixties.