Boy stuck in rock armour


A young fisherman in Staithes had to be rescued by fire crews after becoming trapped in rock armour on Monday.

The 15-year-old had become trapped between two rocks, which form part of the sea defences, by his leg. Fire crews from Lythe and Whitby responded to a request for assistance from the Coastguard and were dispatched to the eastern side of Staithes.

The youth, believed to be on holiday from Oxfordshire, had slipped between two large rocks after fishing for mackerel, with his lower leg becoming stuck fast.

Firecrews deployed high pressure air bags and lighting, and managed to free the youth by slightly forcing the rocks apart. He was then given a precautionary check up in a nearby ambulance and shortly afterwards was able to return unharmed to his residence on foot.

The Lythe and Whitby firecrews were on the scene for over two hours. An engine from Scarborough had responded to the call but was not utilised.