Borough council: Pay for your parking - with cheese

Cheese - not a form of currency that can be used to purchase parking permits
Cheese - not a form of currency that can be used to purchase parking permits

Whitby residents were left feeling cheesed off after a borough council blunder saw them advised that they could acquire parking permits in exchange for dairy products.

Bungling council typists had spell-check to blame for the error, which saw them send out letters declaring that the permits were payable by cheese, as opposed to cheque.

The letter, which was posted by officials from the local authority, said: ‘I enclose a cheese made payable to Scarborough Borough Council.’

Sleights resident Numi Solomons, 55, who spotted the error when a friend showed her the letter said: “I thought it was brilliant.

“There’s just no way it could be a genuine error.

“It’s not an autocorrect error so I don’t know how that got in there.

“You have to apply to the council for a parking permit, so a friend of mine who had applied came into my antiques shop to show me.

“Luckily she wasn’t in a pickle.

“It gave me a bit of a laugh. The only explanation would be if someone spiked it for a joke but I wouldn’t like to just speculate. It’s crackers.”

Numi who owns the Stonehouse Emporium store in Skinner Street, posted the amusingsnippet of the letter on Facebook and Twitter.

“It’s had more than 400 people responding to it.

“So far I haven’t seen anyone else post a copy of it on the internet, you’d think they would as it’s pretty funny.”