Book about growing up in Whitby is a number one hit on Amazon

Eleanor Clapham
Eleanor Clapham

A great-grandmother’s biography of growing up in Whitby during the outset of war has become a number one success story at the world’s biggest bookshop, Amazon.

Eleanor Clapham’s Life Happens: A Memoir is an honest, and amusing, account of a girl growing up in a 34-bedroom hotel in the town.

The cover of Eleanor Clapham's book Life Happens: A memoir

The cover of Eleanor Clapham's book Life Happens: A memoir

This coming-of-age biography has reached the top spot in the Women’s Biography chart at Amazon and has also peaked at number seven in their Memoirs chart.

For the 89-year-old debut author, Life Happens: A Memoir is just the story of her youth.

She said: “In Whitby, everyone made a point of knowing everyone’s business, but nevertheless it was a town which afforded the kind of freedom and simple delights which are not too available today, in spite of so much

change and progress.

“The book recounts a more innocent time, but one when young people had to face the reality of and adjust to

the Second World War years, and during which our girl learnt how to cope and appreciate the value of love.

“It’s also about growing up in a 34-bedroom seasonal hotel in the town, the impact of it being requisitioned

by the army at the onset of war, falling in love - and falling out of it - hopes, dreams, and disappointments, and eventually finding love with Mr Very Right.”

The retired chemical dependency therapist did return to live in Whitby after her retirement in 2004 but recently relocated again to Devon to be closer to her children, grandchildren and great-grandchild.

Although Life Happens: A Memoir was only published in July, it has already received rave five-star reviews

from readers.

Irene Deane commented: “It is well and amusingly written, and brought home memories of Whitby in a more

innocent time.

“A charming reminder of a Yorkshire seaside town before The Costa became popular.”

For more details, visit Amazon and search for ED Clapham, where the paperback and Kindle formats are both available.