Bioblitz event to shine a light on coastal wildlife

National Trust Invertebrate Ecologist (Andy Foster) surveying Hambledon Hill, Dorset.
National Trust Invertebrate Ecologist (Andy Foster) surveying Hambledon Hill, Dorset.

The National Trust team on the Yorkshire Coast is hosting an exciting 24-hour long BioBlitz - a fun and interactive biological survey - at Ravenscar this Saturday (Aug 15) from 10am, to record coastal wildlife at the site.

Nature lovers of all ages are invited to drop in and be part of this very important day, to help gain a vital snapshot of flora and fauna on the coast.

The outdoor event is one of 25 interactive wildlife surveys happening across National Trust coastal sites in England, Wales and Northern Ireland this summer.

Over 24 hours, the charity’s wildlife experts will work closely with students and volunteers in a race against time to discover and record as many animals and

plants as possible.

This much-loved stretch of coastline attracts thousands of visitors every year to its shores, many of whom visit because of the fantastic wildlife found there, from birds and mammals to butterflies, wildflowers and rocky shore species.

All discoveries will be recorded and then submitted to local wildlife record centres and the National Biodiversity Network to help understand how wildlife along the coast is changing and how best to protect it.

The National Trust will also use the findings to determine the conservation management needs of The Yorkshire Coast.

Zoe Frank, Area Ranger for the Yorkshire Coast, said: “We’re really excited about running the BioBlitz as it’s the first time we’ve ever done anything on this scale.

“With the help of the public we’ll be able to get a really good understanding of all of the different plant and animal species we’ve got here at the Yorkshire Coast.

“The results will give us a greater understanding of everything that calls the Yorkshire Coast home so we can ensure that the conservation work we are doing is right for our wildlife.”

Volunteers with wildlife knowledge can help out with the event from leading on identifying species to talking to visitors about the work that’s taking place.

Visitors are also invited to join in with the fun by taking part in the free activities available on the day.

The focus of the National Trust’s BioBlitzes on coastal wildlife is part of the conservation charity’s two-year celebrations of the coastline. 50 years ago the Trust launched its Neptune Coastal Campaign which has since raised £65m to help look after the English, Welsh and Northern Irish coastline.

A number of exciting events as well as significant conservation work are taking place at sites along the 742 miles of coastline that the charity now looks after, including rockpooling, geocaching, cycling and walking.

To find out more about how to take part in the BioBlitz, call Zoe on 01723 870423.