Bikers urged to jacket in

TRAFFIC officers and emergency consultants are urging bikers to use common sense and protect themselves by wearing protective clothing.

The advice follows a reported increase of motorcycle riders and pillion passengers who are not wearing suitable clothing while out riding during the recent good weather.

Traffic sergeant Sean Gray, of the force’s Roads Policing Group, said: “Officers have seen people wearing only tee-shirts, shorts and trainers while out riding.

“When officers speak to motorcyclists, the riders have said that as they are riding carefully they won’t come off the machine.

“My colleagues and I have seen far too many people with horrific injuries.

Dr Nick Athey, consultant in emergency medicine at South Tees Hospitals NHS foundation trust, said: “Bikers and pillion passengers may suffer so much additional trauma that they don’t even survive the initial collision as a result of wearing inadequate protective clothing.

“Without the right clothing the road surface will act like a cheese grater.

“The skin, muscle and even bone can be torn from the body, leaving deep and dirty wounds which are incredibly painful and difficult to treat.

“The treatment for these preventable injuries may involve surgery and skin grafts followed by scarring and potential long term disfigurement.