Bemusement at road paint saga

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WHITBY Highways department has been criticised for painting double yellow lines down a Robin Hood’s Bay street and then covering over the markings just a few weeks later.

With parking already at a premium in the village there was a mixed reaction among residents to the parking restrictions imposed on Thorpe Road.

They were implemented by North Yorkshire County Council after a consultation period with residents, but any concerns they may have had have now been replaced with bemusement at the apparent waste of taxpayers’ money.

Mum Sam Glaysher said: “It’s the council’s highway department at it’s finest, it’s madness. It’s quite a lot of expense going into painting the yellow lines and now they’ve got to do it all over again - maybe they didn’t like the colour?”

Whitby Highways area manager Nick West explained that his department had been put in a difficult position where “we couldn’t win either way”.

He added: “The lines were in place for about six weeks and although it isn’t ideal we took the conscious decision that to have left the lines off would have led to continued parking issues over Easter.

“We don’t normally do this but on this occasion the decision was made that resolving parking issues over the holiday period would take priority. The costs to repaint are minimal, and of course there’s all the other road markings that need to be done at the same time anyway.”

MP Robert Goodwill said that he was amazed that common sense did not prevail and said he hoped the council would never let this happen again.

“We are in a particular period where money is tight at every level”, he said, “did it not occur that doing the resurfacing work straight after the money was spent on the yellow lines was a complete waste of money?

He added: “They had done a really good job on the lines as well and the people of Robin Hood’s Bay and Fylingthorpe were really pleased.

“Was it the fault of a contractor, did they come too early?

“Had they planned to do chippings first, then the lining?

“Did they think the weather was nice, we’ll do them early?

“I don’t know but the money spent is money down the drain.”

Mrs Glaysher said that she had actually objected to the painting of the lines, adding: “We have a nightmare with parking and now we’ve completely lost it.

“The lines are only useful during the few bank holidays each year where the road gets busy.

“The guy next door is a complete petrolhead and he has six cars. He bought the house after the consultation period so he had no idea, and he was fuming when they painted the lines outside his house.”

Whitby Highways expected the road markings to be repainted by early this week.