‘Bay man’s ‘bizarre’ death

Charlie Milsom
Charlie Milsom

A FORMER Whitby Community College student has died suddenly in Thailand.
English teacher Charlie Milsom (35) was “bizarrely” found dead, along with another man, sitting in the armchair in the living room of a Thai apartment.

Mr Milsom, who was originally from Robin Hood’s Bay, was found by the wife of the man he was sitting alongside, 40-year-old Jonathan Louis, at his home in the Thanyaburi district near Bangkok in the early hours of last Saturday morning.

His half-sister, Jasmine Swann, said that she learned of Charlie’s death when she saw an image of his body when it was reported online. She added: “It’s too bizarre. It’s an unexplained death and we don’t know if it’s a poisoning or anything. Nobody knows anything at all.”

According to the Bangkok Post, Thamaporn Apison, had returned home from work on the Friday to find the men apparently dozing in the living room. She only discovered the next morning that both were in fact dead. She told police her husband had been taking medication for gout and more recently sleeping pills because of stress. Investigators also said they found prescription medication with Mr Milsom’s name on the bottle and four bottles of what was described as medication for drug treatment.

Mr Milsom taught graphic design at Rangsit University alongside work as a freelance photographer.

He had chosen to travel when in his mid-twenties but loved Thailand so much he decided to stay there, and Jasmine added: “He always wanted to come back because he was homesick, but he couldn’t bear to tear himself away because he loved it so much.”

She explained that her brother was a talented and successful photographer and artist who loved Thailand because it suited his easy-going and mellow personality. “He was the best-looking, most arrogant man I knew,” she said. “Women loved him and he never really had a problem. Life was always really good for him and he was a very much ‘live in the moment’ kind of guy.”

She added that she will remember her brother for his cheeky grin.

Post-mortems took place on Mr Milsom’s body both in Thailand and back in the UK, and the family expect a funeral to take place in Robin Hood’s Bay within the next week.