Band plays on in town for RNLI

MUSICAL mavericks Dr Busker helped raise more than £1,400 in just a few hours for Whitby RNLI playing alongside an old-fashioned organ.

Dr Busker and the Dorset R.A.T.S. played with Graham Atkinson's fairground organ on Saturday 1 December in the town centre.

The band were in the region for Robin Hood's Bay Victorian weekend and stopped by to entertain the crowd of Christmas shoppers.

They will be out fundraising again on Saturday morning and the show provides a colourful accompaniment to the Saturday shopping rush.

Tom Stanforth from the Dr Busker band and who lives in Egton said they were delighted with how much they raised and hoped to add to it on Saturday.

“Hopefully now people will know we will be there they will come down and support the RNLI and enjoy the performance.”